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Rude Awakaning | Solo Exhibition | Curated by Rotem Kaplan

August - September 2023, Edmond de Rothschild Center, Tel Aviv Jaffa

The exhibition “Rude Awakaning” deals with the tension between the birth experience that everyone goes through, and our everyday, present experience. For Dor, it was a long and complicated vacuum birth that put his life in danger. An event he does not remember and has no direct access to through intellectual memory, but only through the body. The impossible attempt to return to the first moments of life, and examine their influence on his day to day experience - created the necessity to deal with them through the painting, print, poetry and animation that formed the content and essence of the exhibition.

print, heads, pompa light.png
noga+text light.png
נגה+אנימציה copy2.png
Rude Awakaning LIGHT.png
Vacuum Assisted Delivery, Collage and Oi
Pump Head.jpg
מרכז רוטשילד copy.jpg
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