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A painter, animator and illustrator based in Jaffa, Israel. Graduated with B.DES degree in Visual Communication from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel, Class of 2020. My works have been featured in art projects and exhibitions in Israel and abroad. For me, randomness has a great value in life and art. the meeting point between control and discomfort while creating is the place I always aim towards. Values like improvisation, randomness and immediacy are just as important to me as perspective, theory and an orderly work process. I have a great appreciation for what's flawed in life and art, and I'm inspired by it greatly. I devote myself, in every composition, to creating new and inventive visual experiences. 

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Portfolio Magazine - Interview by Yuval Saar (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2022). Link 
The Poetryfilmtage podcast - Interview by Elijah Aran (Weimar, Germany, 2022). Link (46:20)
Jaffa Well House Podcast - Video interview by Ortega (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2021). Link
Ha'aretz - Itamar Zohar, 24.11.22. Link
Timeout Magazine - Reut Barnea, 18.8.22. Link


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